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Next Seminar: Aging Bodies, Busy Lives: Don't Waste Your Time Exercising, Tuesday March 11, 6:30 p.m. Phone or email to reserve a spot.

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Since 1987…for all but 6 years…, I’ve helped busy men and women form fitness lifestyles and – an many cases – reshape their figure or enhance their physiques – with two or 3 half-hour workouts per week, and guidance and accountability for sensible dietary discipline.

I became involved in this after helping Dr. Ellington Darden, best-selling fitness author, write “the 6-Week Fat-to-Muscle Makeover,” a title I’ve adopted for my signature program.

Generally, woman in this program shed 2 to 3 inches off their waist, hips and thighs, toning and tightening. Men tend to take 3 inches off their waists, while adding muscle to the chest, shoulders, arms, and legs.

I’ve operated this program in Central Florida, in Cincinnati, and now in Buckhead at Piedmont Center, 3525 Piedmont Road, NE.

As technology has progressed, two half-hour workouts per week have proven as effective as three, and using motorized, computer monitored equipment called ARX: adaptive resistance exercise -- even 15-minute workouts can be as effective as half-hour sessions.

Don’t waste your time exercising.

These are no-nonsense workouts for busy people who want great results.

Dr. Darden pioneered building muscle to burn fat, but the process also provides:

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