There's an eternity beyond this life

By Terry Duschinski

For years I felt as if I was in a medieval castle, seated at a table with a gas lantern on it. I had the feeling there was something greater around me, but I couldn't see it. I guess that's the darkness that exists when God is only a vague concept in your life.

I ridiculed what I deemed to be religious fanaticism. I was too proud. My sister and brother-in-law tried many times to break through my barriers. They demonstrated to me the power God can have in your life by the changes I saw in them. Yet, I resisted. Gradually, other people came along who impressed me the same way.

It's frightening to realize that until June 1991, I was but a heartbeat from hell...for all eternity. And eternity is a long time!

In assessing my life, I knew something was missing. I figured Father's Day would be an appropriate occasion. In an airplane high above somewhere between Orlando, Florida, and Cincinnati, Ohio, I claimed my passport into eternal life. As the Bible says, I cried "Abba, Father."

I didn't want an airplane flight to be as close as I'd ever get to heaven.

Now I know that no matter what challenges or tragedies lie just around the corner, God will - in eternity if not sooner - wipe away every tear. This supplies enormous peace of mind. My wife and I have each lost close friends the past couple of years, but we know we'll see these people again a world where there are no cancer cells, no money worries, no demanding schedules, and no sorrowful partings.

You live a lot differently when you're no longer panic stricken that time is getting away from you, and fearful that people you love may not be around tomorrow. The most profound realization I enjoy is that there is an eternity beyond this life.

I'm no longer in darkness. Now I feel as if there are lights going on all over the castle. There are still shadowy areas, but I know where to find the light switches - in the Bible.

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