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As I mentioned on our principles page, I had the privilege of regularly participating in presentations by Arthur Jones, inventor of Nautilus, demonstrating his exercise-rehab technology to audiences consisting of orthopods, neurosurgeons, DCs, PTs, and various exercise/rehab professionals. This was in 1985-86, when I was a Nautilus employee (flunky) and my role in the presentations was to demonstrate a testing/rehab session on either the lumbar or leg extension machine. After selling Nautilus, Arthur further developed his rehab technology in founding MedX.

Arthur's presenations were a detailed lesson in legitimate exercise physiology, academia be darnen! Seldom, if ever, did Arthur get an argument from an attendee. I wish I had video of one of these presentations, but the best I can do is show you the outcome of his genius.

Most people are familiar with Nautilus, but -- unfortunately -- MedX spine-rehab technology remains largely unappreciated. Here's just one clip that might change that:

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