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The Long & Winding Road
that brings me to Buckhead

Pete Rose was pursuing Ty Cobb's hit record, Ronald Reagan was in the White House, and Dr. Ellington Darden was on the phone. I was editor of a recreational vehicle magazine in Cincinnati at the time. After reading several of his books, I had written Dr. Darden with detailed questions about Nautilus training.

That he phoned to respond was less surprising than the proposition:

"You'd really have to come down here so that I can show you; I really can't explain over the phone," said the Nautilus legend. "And we're always looking for good people -- you just might fit in."

I visited Nautilus headquarters in January 1985 and after some bouts with Arthur Jones, Nautilus inventor and owner, that I would later learn were customary with prospective employees, I moved to Central Florida to work in marketing at company headquarters. It was about the time Dr. Darden was starting a string of books that combined diet and Nautilus training. Fortunately, he found my editing skills useful.

I worked at Nautilus 18 months before the company sold and moved to Texas. I took the subject matter I had been editing -- principally a 6-Week Fat-to-Muscle Makeover that was published in 1986 -- and started recruiting paying clients that I first worked out at a Nautilus-equipped rehab facility. I later opened two of my own locations in DeLand, FL, before moving 60 miles west to Ocala in 1998 to work as product manager at MedX, the next Jones enterprise.

Four hurricanes in the summer of 2004, along with a change in management at MedX, prompted my wife and I to start looking northward. We almost came to Atlanta in 2005, but got diverted and ended up back in my hometown, Cincinnati. My nephew would be playing high school basketball at my alma mater -- or actually -- I would be playing high school basketball vicariously through him. It was a thrilling two years. If not for an injury to their point guard, they'd certainly been in a state championship.

Meawhile, the grandchildren were piling up. Jacob and Megan are out of reach, since their Dad is a Colonel in the Air Force now commanding a base adjacent to the Johnson Space Center in Houston. We hope he retires soon and joins us in Atlanta, where we have 7-year-old Camryn and her brother Walker, age 2. Prior to Saturday, April 27, 2013, my wife had never lived within 400 miles of a grandchild.

That's why I'm in Buckhead -- and why I want your body!

Most of this website is drenched in my exercise philosophy, but I've also posted some writing I've done to chronicle my journey as a sinner saved by grace (The "Faith" link on the contact menu). I hope you're in the same condition. My testimony is an article I've titled "Why I Believe Every Word of the Bible." I don't preach during workouts, unless you bring it up.

I have diversion from fitness. It's a hobby through which I occasionally I get to bless others. This involves making family slide shows or, preferrably, multi-media shows. I do this as TerryD Video. Living apart from love ones so much of my life sensitized me to the rapid changes in all of us, and I love to relive the memories. You can check my samples:

TerryD Video

And if you like scrapbooks this old video may amuse you:

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