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A study of 1953 graduates of Yale showed that only 3% had written goals. A follow-up study 20 years later revealed that the 3% with written, specific goals had a combined net worth that exceeded the 97% without written goals. The researchers also discovered that this 3% also seemed to have a greater level of joy and happiness. Write down your goals. It makes a difference.

The Four Step Process:
1. Set Your Goal: (specific and measurable)
2. Identify Your Reasons Why the Goal is Important:
3. Create an Affirmation for the Goal:
4. Identify the Necessary Action Steps:


1. Which is more important to you right now: attractive body composition, or good health? (Whichever you answer, rest assured that in this program they go hand in hand. But tell us: if you could have only one or the other, which would it be?)

Attractive body composition
High fitness level, contributing to good health

2. Whichever you answered to No. 1, how does it fit into the various goals of your life? Is it at the top, the middle, or the bottom of your hierarchy of goals? Check the most appropriate response:

Extremely important
Important, but not as much as at least one other goal
Less important than some goals, more important than others
In the bottom third of importance
Okay, but not very important

3. Describe in detail exactly where you want to be in 6 months?
What would be your pants size?

What would be your bodyfat percentage? 

What clothes that are now too small would you be wearing?

What style of clothing would you wear? 

What will you do once you achieve your goal,that you're not doing now?

Would you feel a sense of accomplishment from achieving your goal?
Would you have more confidence?

What would you do with more energy?

4. Does your fitness goal mesh with the other goals in your life? How might it be in conflict? If not in conflict, does it tend to get lost in the shuffle? Write a statement to yourself in response to this.
5. Beyond six months, what is your ultimate goal? Describe how you want to be.
Ultimately, I want

6. Think backward from your ultimate goal, through your six-month goal, through three months, through next month, through next week, and right to today. (HINT: Think in terms of habits you can develop and perfect; prioritize those things you'd like to change)
What can you do today to make progress toward your ultimate goal? I can

What can you do next week to make progress toward your ultimate goal? I can

What can you do next month to make progress toward your ultimate goal? I can 

7. What resources do you possess to help you achieve your step-by-step goal? List as many as possible.
My primary resource is 

My secondary resource is

Additional resources are

 8. What things prevent you from having what you desire right now? Write a few paragraphs, to yourself.

Let's Review: Is getting into shape a (please circle appropriate one):

Affirmation Statement:

  • Start with "I am"
  • Be positive
  • Keep it short
  • Includes action word(something ending in "ing")
  • Includes feeling word (think about how being fit will make you feel)

To succeed in a fitness endeavor, you need the self-image of a fit person. Reading inspirational articles and books, along with reciting your affirmation statement(s) will develop this. Remember: A person with the self-image of an unfit person trying to take the actions of a fit person is doomed to fail. You must bring your self-image into alignment.

Action Steps: If it's a firm commitment, write out all the elements of your step-by-step plan for achieving your immediate goal, your mid-range goal, and your long-range goal. Check what's included:

Assess baseline data with photos and measurements

Florida Fitness workouts

Follow specified eating plan

Light activity after meal

Try on tight pants every day
Other actions I will take to achieve my goals:



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