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There's a lot of crap (gimmicks, fads) dominating the fitness industry...a lot of training techniques (touted incorrectly as "functional") that develop a useless skill (synchronizing multiple sub-maximal muscle contractions) instead of providing a physiological adaptation. Zumba and boot camps tend to produce a lot of exertion but they too can be damaging to your joints, while overworking a few muscle groups, and under-working most others.


They are available everywhere for a low, monthly membership fee and what you can accomplish with them -- done correctly -- surpasses what the typical personal trainer will provide on his/her stability balls, Bosu boards, bands and ropes.

I had the privilege of observing numerous times the late and legendary Arthur Jones, inventor of Nautilus and MedX equipment, explain the very importance principles of effective exercise and rehab to physicians, therapists and chiropractors in the 1980s. Most of what's included in this podcast I learned from Arthur.

Here's how you can work-out effectively:

1. Lessons from the Locker Room - 11:17

2. Muscle Matters - 8:12

3. Physiology Factor - 5:35

4. Masterful Machines - 6:18

5. Resistance, Repetitions, and Records - 5:56

6. Fatigue in Flawless Form - 5:44

7. Pointers on Positioning - 5:31

8. Circuit Sequence - 6:08

9. Let's Hit the Iron - 5:30

10. Metabolic Conditioning - 6:50

11. Performance Principles to Perfect - 6:31

12. Cardio Considerations - 9:15

13. Bettering Bone - 10:14

14. Fine for Your Spine - 7:14

15. The Fountain of Youth - 9:44

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