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Directly Supervised
One-on-One Private Circuit Strength Training

The Fat-to-Muscle Makeover relies on highly intense time-efficient exercise to trigger hypertrophy, the chemical reaction that spurs the growth of muscle tissue.

It's estimated that every pound added to your body raises  basal metabolism 35 to 75 calories per day. These are calories burned at rest -- just for sustenance.

Conversely, dieting alone cannibalizes lean body tissue (about 40% of the weight loss). Dieting without strengthening produces a reduced metabolic rate -- making it easy to gain back your fat.

If you're not familiar with the Super Slow® training protocol, or if HIT doesn't ring a bell, you really don't know the potency of circuit strength training. So that we can demonstrate, a 3-sessions trial workout package is available for purchase. It will give you a much better idea of what you've been missing.

Please read our exercise-orientation articles for fuller explanation.

Workouts are conducted in virtual privacy inside the Body Construction Studio at Piedmont Center in Buckhead. This is not a health club, nor a discotheque with exercise machines, It's a friendly but serious  concentrated exercise center.

Systematic Mini Meal Plan
for Fat-Burning Efficiency

How does an infant eat? A couple of ounces every couple of hours, correct?  Why did we change!

Through trial-and-error research since 1987, I've discovered the best system for shedding pounds sensibly (which means slowly and steadily) is based upon frequent mini meals. Basically:

400 calories
Macronutrient balanced
Every 4 to 5 hours
3 to 6 times per day

Select your mini meals each day from a great volume, The 400-Calorie Fix by Liz Vaccariello, published by Rodale Press (Prevention Managazine publisher).

400-calorie cookbook recommended by Buckhead Personal Training

Following our plan will result in a macronutrient ratio of approximately:

Through tweaking our specified mini meals, and eventually composing your own, you'll become much more aware of food content and -- in time -- develop the skills of a competent calorie-control manager.

Antidote to Aging?