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Strength Training Research

A sample of peer-reviewed studies upon which training concepts are based


Is Super Slow really more effective? Westcott, WL et.al. Effects of regular and slow speed resistance training on muscle strength. Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness. 41: 154-158,2001.

2. Is one set of exercise really enough? Carpinelli, R.N. and R.M. Otto. Strength Training: single versus multiple sets. Sports Medicine 26(2):73-84,1998.

3. Is once a week really enough to work out? Graves JE, et.al. Effect of reduced training frequency on muscular strength. International Journal of Sports Medicine 9(5):316-319, 1988. AIso - DeRenne,C. et. al. Effects of training frequency on strength maintenance in pubescent baseball players. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 10(1):8-14, 1996.

4. Is the response to physical trainini really genetic? Thibault MC, et.al. Inheritance of human muscle enzyme adaptation to isokinetic strength training. Human Heredity 1986;36(6):341-7.

5. Is strength training useful for cardiac patients? Verill, D. et.al. Resistive exercise training in cardiac patients. Recommendations. Sports Medicine 1992 Mar 13(3):171-93.

Sparling PB, et.al. Strength training in a cardiac rehabilitation program: a six-month follow-up. Arch Phys Med Rehab 1990 Feb; 71(2):148-152.

Parker, ND et.al. Effects of strength training on cardiovascular responses during a submaximal walk and weight-loaded walking test in older females. J. Cardiopulm Rehab 1996 Jan-Feb; 16(1):56-62.

6. Is strength training useful for arthritis/rheumatoid patients? RaIl, LC et.al. The effect of progressive resistance training in rheumatoid arthritis. Increased strength without changes in energy balance or body composition. Arthritis Rheum 1996 Mar;39(3): 415-26.

7. Is strength training an acceptable form of exercise for the elderly? Evans, WJ. Reversing sarcopenia: how weight training can build strength and vitality. Geriatrics 1996 May: 51(5):46-7,51-3.

Meuleman, JR et.al. Exercise training in the debilitated aged; strength and functional outcomes. Arch Phys Med Rehab 2000 Mar;81(3):312-318.

Fielding, RA. Effects of exercise training in the elderly impact of progressive-resistance training on skeletal muscle and whole-body protein metabolism. Proc Nutr Soc 1995 nov;54(3):665-75.

Ades PA, et.al. Weight training improves walking endurance in healthy elderly persons. Ann Intern Med 1996 Mar 15; 124(6):568-72.

8. Will strength training help prevent or reverse osteoporosis? Kerr, D et al. Exercise effects on bone mass in postmenopausal women are site-specific and load-dependent. J. Bone Miner Res 1996 Feb; 11(2):218-25.

9. If I drop out of training for a long time, is there any point in coming back? Staron, RS et.al. Strength and skeletal muscle adaptations in heavy-resistance -trained women after detraining and retraining. J Appl Physioll991 Feb; 70(2):631-40.

Concerning the slow-type of repeitions emphasized in our training, Dr. Joseph Mercola provided the comments on the video below, which are summed up by these comments:

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